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Living With Integrity.

This group


  • Provides opportunities for discussion on issues where we can promote justice and environmental concerns.
  •  Seeks to understand how we might respond responsibly to such issues
  • Offers these ideas to our communities

Living With Integrity group has gained considerable respect within and beyond this community over the last 15 years; it has an outreach in that it draws its membership from churches beyond ours, and the community at large.  It exists as a forum for discussion on Sustainability and Ethical Living questions, for a measure of social/Gospel action (for example, support of Emmaus community, international humanitarian aid, social/FairTrade events), for information-sharing and invitations to visiting speakers; and for links to Diocesan strategies. It’s the umbrella under which Poems in the Kitchen flourishes…  LWI has Saturday morning breakfast meetings every two months at which friends and family, even very small ones, are welcome, so do come sometime!

At our meetings we seek ways of informing ourselves on topics such as

  • Amnesty International – Letter Campaigns
  • Child soldiers
  • Coffee
  • Ecology and Climate change
  • Environment
  • Fairtrade
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Food Waste
  • Mining of Gold, Coltan and other minerals
  • Poverty – national issues
  • Poverty – international
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Shopping Locally
  • Ethical decision making

In the discussions that follow breakfast, anyone present can bring topics to the table relating to these and similar topics. Conversation can be built on media articles – the more balanced, the better when exploring a new topic.

Projection facilities can be organised -with advance warning -to show relevant short videos or picture clips as prompts to discussion.

On some occasions, it will feel appropriate to turn discussion into action, although we have to guard against being an events organising committee as most of our members are committed to a wide range of other causes and activities.

Events that we have organised are listed inside this pamphlet.

Further information can be obtained from the Living with Integrity Facebook page or from Trevor at trevimeditate@googlemail.com