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St John’s and All Saints’ supports Fairtrade and has a policy of using Fairtrade or locally produced food products.

Traidcraft is a commercial outfit that helped pioneer the whole Fairtrade idea. They sell Fairtrade products and their catalogue is here.

Traidcraft Exchange is a charity that works with Traidcraft. It is just re-launching a campaign to seek justice and fair conditions for individuals and organisations who supply the fashion industry.

Find out more on their web page

Take a look at the Fairtrade web site for more about Fairtrade: why it’s important, what’s being achieved and how you can help.

Read this reflection from one of the St John’s congregation on the significance of Fairtrade

To get an idea about the projects run by Traidcraft Exchange check these out:

Supporting small-holder associations in Bangladesh ….

Creating fairer supply chains ….